About Peter

IMG_0384Peter Kraus’s love for farming and food goes back to growing up on a small organic farm.  He took part in all the work and care that goes into growing vegetables for farmers market and restaurants in addition to tending sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens and other fowl.  Romping through the woods Peter learned about foraging for wild foods.  He also enjoyed the annual rhythm of preserving the harvest with canning and dehydrating projects.  For Peter, going to farmers’ markets, identifying insects, making wild raspberry jam, and feeding the chickens is what started and continues to provide his deepest sense of home and joy.

Currently, Peter lives and teaches with his wife Rachael at the Conserve School, an environmentally focused semester school in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Besides teaching environmental stewardship class, leading trips and seminars with Conserve School students, he still makes time to bake, hike, run, research, and explore the surrounding lakes and woods.  While his first sourdough starter was cultivated several years ago using wild grapes he found while running the winding country roads of Midcoast Maine, he has since started several others as he and Rachael travel to places near and far.


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